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Vape and Juice Wholesale – CBD and Vaping

After becoming disillusioned by our own vape and juice wholesale distributors both in the UK and in Spain when our retail arm expanded to Ibiza, we realised we would have to take matters into our own hands. As a company we were spending thousands per year employing staff to check the integrity of orders we received, often finding them to be wrong and without having checked, would have cost us tens of thousands of pounds. With any fast growing industry, you realise some companies are going to grow quicker than they are ready for. Having begun to outstrip the growth and operational size of our suppliers, we decided it was time to vertically integrate.

Vape and Juice have learnt a lot of lessons on the way and we feel this puts us in a unique position when it comes to dealing wholesale with other retail shopkeepers in the industry. We know what you need and we know what others don’t do for you.

Give us a try.

“Mason Zacharie – Co-Founder, Vape and Juice’



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