TPD in the EU – La españa tiene tpd? Wholesale vape Spain, UK and Europe

La españa tiene tpd?

Is there TPD rules in Spain yet or in the rest of Europe? We are asked this question a lot by consumer vapers from the UK before they travel abroad, but what is the situation like for retailers in Spain right now?

Vaping in Spain post TPD

Spanish Government was not in place at the point where TPD – Tobacco Products Directive 2 was ratified in the European Parliament. This means, while other nations in Europe were enacting the ruling into their own legal systems, Spain with a political turmoil at home, had let this particular law slide.

This creates an unusual system, where parts of Europe are still operating under Pre TPD rules, and allowing the sale of tanks greater than 2ml, bottle sizes larger than 10ml and nicotine strengths above 20mg. What does this mean for other European nations? Well essentially there exists an unfair playing field for UK retailers when it comes to ecommerce. UK consumers can import products from Spain, that UK retailers are not legally allowed to sell. Meanwhile, Spanish businesses are able to enjoy this last hurrah with the types of products we loved before the book shut on a wide range of vaping products.

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